creating content, delivering results

"Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language." 

-Walt Disney

Experienced Journalist

From editorial leadership positions in local news to network and syndicated news magazine producing,  I have always taken pride in my ability to prioritze duties and keep calm under pressure.  The competition rarley would report breaking news stories we didn't know about. I always worked to verify information quickly and sent social media notifications as fast as possible.  I also developed original content and published story updates on the stations website and digital platforms.

Accomplished Publicist

Understanding my clients goals, creativily pitching ideas while  advising them with realistic outcomes given the scope.  I approached  all projects determined to meet and exceed the clients expectations  with through reporting and constent communication ensuring a happy client in the end.   I  assisted agencies with my broadcast expertise  maximizing results whether it be a hard news story or  celebrity driven campaign for beauty, entertainment and lifestyle clients. 

Fashion & Beauty Clients

Clients I provided notification and distribution services for to online and broadcast outlets.

"The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangebly, but they signify quite different things.  Information is given out; communcation is getting through"

-Sydney J. Harris

Online Stories  & Achievements

Homicide By Abuse

When a toddler was killed by  an abusive couple caring for him  I published multiple updates about Jasper. An important story to be told  even  when we couldn't send a crew to Vader, WA for court hearings.

Port Orchard Man Jailed for Kicking Arthretic Dog 

 A Port Orchard man pleaded guilty to first-degree animal cruelty after he punched an arthritic 13-year-old dog so hard that the animal's heart was displaced.  No other station in town reported but I posted the story online.

Press Release for Global Satellite Feeds

Emmy Award Winning Coverage

Kiro-7's breaking news coverage of the shooting at Marysville Pillchuck High school shooting on October 24, 2014 earned our team two local news Emmys for breaking news.  Scanner challenged at the time because of the distance, I was still able to pick up enough start crews  that direction. and strategic assignments helped Kiro-7 take the lead in confirmed information first.  .

A Few Words From Co-workers

I've had the pleasure and privledge of working with some of the most respected journalists in the country

“I've worked with many Assignment Editors over the years.  You were always professional, helpful, thorough, courteous and hard-working...along with all that you have good prespective .  I am honored to have worked with you”

"I'll miss how you were always eager to offer help from the desk, while I was out in the field. I didn't even have to ASK. You offered. Thank you Lance Enger!

“For the past four years, Lance Enger has sat on the assignment desk, guiding KIRO to many breaking news wins. Not only is he an excellent scanner-listener, he also helped us install and implement our scanner system. And, no one knows about shootings in Belltown before Lance!”

“I‘ve known Lance in both a professional and a personal capacity for over 10 years and his passion for the local news is unparalleled. His understanding of the city, it’s culture and people lends a depth to his abilities in identifying what matters most to the community. Lance’s knowledge of media and understanding of communication platforms in general guarantees he will be an asset to any organization.”

“Why is it easy to endorse Lance Enger? Because he understands that the platforms used to communicate effective messaging is changing every day. With a critical eye he commits to finding the best opportunities and solutions for each and every client, knowing that no two have the same needs. Lance creates integrated plans to help his clients reach and exceed their targeted goals. He is diligent in taking them through each project, explaining the pros and cons of certain approaches as well as pitfalls that may lie ahead and solutions to any issues that may arise. Unlike a lot of people who came to this industry in the last few years, Lance is equipped with the methods, understanding and history of traditional PR. Make no mistake about it; knowing how we got from there to here is a strength. In all the years I have worked with him, Lance has never lost his sense of integrity and that is honorable. You never have to wonder about the legitimacy of your results or the process that was executed on your behalf. It is for all those reasons I easily recommend Lance Enger as a Social/Media Relations Consultant.”

"Lance is a practiced and practical decision maker with an uncanny ability to give swift, accurate, and clear direction to multiple teams at a moment's notice. If you are seeking a communications expert who has a deep understanding of media and how it works, look no further. Lance Enger is a brilliant professional and you should hire him. "